Round Table on Future Models for Library Services 12 April 2013

I was pleased to be asked to contribute to the round table on Future Models for Library Services, hosted by the 2020 Public Services Hub at the RSA in partnership with Lewisham Council and TPP Law. As the event was partly funded by Capital Ambition I was particularly keen to make sure that the work done by … [ Read More ]

New tools to evaluate the impact of physical activity on health

With Local Authorities gearing up for their new responsibilities for health in April 2013, is the contribution that culture and sport services make to the health of the local population recognised? Not many people realise that physical inactivity leads to almost as many deaths per year as smoking, data published in The Lancet in July … [ Read More ]

London Cultural Peer Programme

The London Cultural Peer Programme has now created a bank of over 50 trained peers in London. I was particularly pleased that the last training event included colleagues from Archives and Libraries as this was a previously underrepresented area. The peers offer a free resource to London Local Authority Cultural Services and are chomping at … [ Read More ]